There are many things I love about game development. 

Problem-solving and continuous improvement drives me forward, keeps me open-minded and creative. It involves teamwork, communication, and understanding of each other's work. My journey at Futuregames has been all of the above. I want to continue with this amazing experience in my future career.

Ever since I was a kid I have been an “explorative gamer”. I always loved to travel through every inch of a map in the game and understand the purpose of the level design. To continue with level design later in life always felt natural.


I want to create memorable experiences for players. I see my work with level design as a bridge between each discipline, with the target audience needs in mind. I always question myself “what is the purpose of this space” and “how do I explain that to the player”. 

What I have learned from previous studies within psychology is to be observant of group psychology. I try to always stay aware of how the dynamic in the team is and maintain a productive, including, and hopeful vibe. Another thing I take with me into game development is, what happens with a person's mind in certain situations and then apply that to the player. 

In my spare time, I play many games (of course). I go climbing even though I mainly question myself why I am doing it since I am terrified of heights. I take care of lots of dogs and go out camping. But most of all I spend a lot of time cooking with my friends.

I am currently looking for an internship where I can learn as many things as possible, have fun with my team, and create awesome games.

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