Roles:  Gameplay design, Scripter

Time: 2 weeks

Team Size: 6

Tools: Unreal Engine & Perforce

Date: September 2019


Battle against your friends (2 to 4 players) in a fast-paced competitive, local multiplayer and become the greatest bandit of the Wild, Wild, West.

Game Loop

Play as one of the notorious "Hat bandits" and steal gold from the town mine and make it your own - but watch out for your fellow bandit friends, they also want the gold!


Take gold from the mine


Put it in your mine cart to score


Push down players in a hole to prevent opponent from winning

Selector system



To join

In the lobby it is decided how many player that will attend in the game depending on which controllers are active.

The player needs to press A to join the game. It will correspond by showing a cowboy that makes a sound.

A minimum of two player is requiered for the countdown to start. The countdown stops when another player press ready, and den restarts again.

Score system

The player score by:

1 point: Pushing down player in a hole

5 points: Put gold in their mine cart