AI prototype

The smarter zombie makes a scream when he sees the player. He starts chasing the player when he is in sight and also spits on him from a distance. If he loses sight or can’t hear the player he will go back to patrolling. The player can whistle and both zombies will run towards that sound and investigate.


The ragdoll zombie will also react when he hears the smarter zombie do a scream. He will run towards the scream, if the player is close to him he will start chasing him and puke on him.

Stealth Parkour

Me and Edward Sedelius are currently working on a blockout for a parkour/action game. The goal is to take photos of suspicious politicians without getting caught. The politicians are protected by the Mafia, the player has to use double jump and wall run to pass them.

deceit- ux/ui

Deceit is a game me and my friends really like to play. There are some adjustments that we believe would make the UX/UI even better. Me and Emma Berg did some work on it.

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