Game loop

The overall experience we wished for this game was for it to be competitive and fast-paced. It is a mix of tag and orientation together with last-man-standing gameplay. 


Take cable from antenna in the start / Return to antenna when 5 power cores are collected at the end 


Steal cable from opponent


Use cable to collect power cores

The player who carries the cable got the decoy ability to fool the other player while being chased. The player that does not carry the cable got a light beam ability to navigate the location of the other player.

The addition of these abilities made the game much more skill-based and a lot more fun to play during time.


Roles: Level Designer, Gameplay Designer

Time: 4 weeks

Team size: 10

Tools: Unreal Engine 4, Perforce

Date: February 2020


T.E.G is a fast-paced competitive 1v1 game, it is a cat-and-mouse game for survival. In T.E.G, you need to collect the power cores to escape. But beware - you are not alone.

Level Design goals

The map is designed to be big enough for the players to lose sight of each other. And therefore use the beam light ability to locate the opponent. The map needed at the same time to be small enough for the possibility of catching the other player or use the decoy ability.  

Example of level design choices below that encourage the use of mechanics:





High risk -

High reward

I put the antenna in an open field. Being visible is a big risk in this game, but highly rewarding if you win. 



Caravan placement -

Decoy ability

High & covers - Light beam

The placement of caravans encourage player to use the decoy ability, wich generates an intense gameplay around this area. 

The forest is balanced with high and low covers. This encourage the player to use the light beam to locate the opponent.


The big size of the map we had at the beginning did not generate the intense gameplay we wished for. We smashed the forest and factory area closer to each other to decrease the distances. 




  Why adjustment?


  • The player would lose each other too easy

  • The cable carrier was never worried about getting tagged.

  • The decoy was never used

  • The light beam did not help because the distance between players was too long

  • It was too easy to hide & stand still

  • No high risks for the tagged player

  • No reward for the untagged player

  • Landmarks hard to find = hard to navigate


  • Deleted two warehouses.

  • Moved river and cabin area closer to the middle.

  • Placed the antenna closer to the caravans

  • Moved factory area closer to the middle

  Success with adjustment

  • The players find each quicker

  • They would both use the decoy & light beam ability

  • Never standing still

  • High risk/high reward

  • Intense & involved gameplay

  • Easy to navigate & landmarks always visible


The antenna and factory are two landmarks on this map. Both landmarks are always visible and make it easy for the player to navigate the map.  

Factory & Antenna

The antenna is placed in the middle of the map on a hill.

The factory is a big building itself and placed in the left corner of the map.  

The diagonal placement is easy to remember for the player. If they only see one of the landmarks it means that they are right next to the other one.